3 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips


Anything that is regularly used within your building will require regular maintenance to keep it in good use and appearance. The same goes for your carpet. Your industrial carpet can give the best first impression of your business, or scare new clients away with its stains and spots. Regular maintenance not only improves the overall look of your flooring, but can also increase the lifespan. Proper carpet care and regular maintenance can be a difficult job for any facility to manage, but with the right maintenance plan and these helpful tips you can keep your carpet looking fresh and new for longer. Here are three tips every building facility manager should follow.

  1. Regular dry soil removal– most soil and debris on your carpets is dry and can be removed with a regular upright vacuum. High foot traffic areas should be vacuumed daily, while lower traffic areas could do with a weekly vacuuming. Adding an entrance mat can also reduce the amount of soil tracked onto your carpet itself.
  2. Interim Cleanings– this cleaning should happen every 2-3 months, with regular maintenance in between such as vacuuming. Interim cleanings are still just a surface cleaning, however it removes the soil and debris that your standard upright vacuum cannot. An interim maintenance cleaning will refresh your carpet’s fibers and make them stand upright again, bringing life back to your floors.
  3. Routine Deep Cleanings– are needed to remove deep embedded soiling that vacuuming and interim cleanings cannot reach. The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests scheduling a routine deep cleaning at least once a year, depending on the foot traffic in your building.

There are endless ways to maintain and manage your carpets, and deciding what carpet cleaning method is right for your building can be nothing short of confusing. Here at The Floor Care Company, we want to aid you in the process and help guide you to the right maintenance plan for your building. The Floor Care Company can accommodate your needs and keep your floors looking like New Year round.

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