3 Tips to Prepare Your Wood Floors for Cooler Weather


Hardwood floors can give schools, stores, and restaurants a softer, more homey feeling than tile or concrete but they can also be more difficult to maintain, especially during the fall season. If you have wood floors in your building, it’s time to prepare them for fall and cooler weather. While keeping your floors in good condition is important year round, colder weather brings a particular set of challenges including more debris, scratches and even gaps between boards. To help you prepare, follow these easy 3 tips.

Vacuum Regularly

Foot traffic is the biggest problem during fall when you’re trying to keep hardwood floors clean and dry. Debris from falling leaves or inclement weather can build up, causing scratches or rough patches to form on the wood when it gets stepped on and dragged across the floor. Vacuuming helps keep the floor free from debris and also gives your wood floors a clean, shiny look that will brighten up your whole building.

Keep a Mop Handy

Colder weather often comes with moisture, whether it be rain or snow. When guests or clients enter your building, they often track that water and dirt along with them. Water and other debris can have a harmful effect on your wood floors, and it’s important to get any puddles cleaned up quickly before they cause wood floor boards to warp or gap. Using a two bucket mopping system is one of the easiest, most efficient ways to improve the cleanliness of your flooring. Simply use one bucket to rinse the mop and the second for detergent, which should always stay clear if the mop is dipped into the first bucket with each rinse.

Don’t Forget Doormats and Felt Pads

High-quality floor mats are crucial for every entrance. To absorb moisture from underfoot, use absorbent carpet-type mats instead of simple corrugated rubber versions. Keep multiple sets of mats for each doorway, and change out the mats every time they get soaked. Fresh mats in each entrance can absorb up to 90 percent of moisture and debris that might otherwise be tracked in and deposited on your floors. Applying felt pads under your furniture will also help keep scratches off your beautiful wood floors.

Every type of flooring will require some level of routine maintenance to keep it looking like new. Always be sure to read the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance instructions to avoid cleaning mishaps that can do more harm than good. Here at The Floor Care Company we always suggest having a professional cleaning service performed to give your flooring a head start for the colder weather to come, followed by these 3 easy tips to help protect your wood flooring.

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