Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring

Floor Care CoChoosing the best commercial flooring for your business can create the ideal space for your employees to be successful and also be appealing to the clients’ eye. Blending design and practicality can give your building the modern, clean look while also keeping maintenance to a minimum. Choosing the type of flooring that best suits you commercial interior space needs may just depend on the location.

In your lobby, which sustains the most foot traffic, you may want to choose a hard surface flooring such as porcelain tile or polished concrete. Both will give your lobby a clean cut look, and can be easily maintained. If you are looking for something more high end visually, terrazzo offers many different style options from a realistic earthy stone to a more sleek modern tile.

Wood looks are a growing trend in all business spaces, and thanks to technology you can easily bring the outside in with a LVT that looks like real wood but installs easier and is less expensive than the real thing.

Carpet tile is one of the most popular flooring choices for most businesses in their office and meeting spaces. This is mostly due to the cost, ease of installation and minimum maintenance. However, carpet has the best acoustic properties in the flooring market. In areas that your employees are doing a lot of “heads down” work, providing them with a quieter work space could help keep them focused on the task at hand. Carpet tile also comes in vast styles and designs so you can choose one that reflects your brand.

Porcelain remains the main choice for almost all bathroom flooring and is even used on the walls. This is likely due to the ease of sanitizing and maintenance, and again thanks to technology you can get porcelain in just about any color or design.

Things to always consider when choosing commercial flooring: make sure it fits your budget, can handle the foot traffic, and know the level of care and maintenance it requires. The most important tip after choosing commercial flooring is to have it properly installed by professionals. This will ensure you get the most use out of your commercial flooring, no matter the type.

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