Commercial Flooring Service Provider Checklist


When it is time to look at new vendors and to choose a commercial flooring service provider, prioritizing the needs of your building is essential. For a facility manager floor, textile, and surface care is important. Finding a reputable, quality vendor is even more important. Trusting a company to provide quality care for one of the buildings’ more expensive investments is as easy as checking for these three credentials: reliability, testimonials, and experience. Talking with service providers about these credentials should be every facility managers’ first step before hiring a commercial flooring service provider.

For a facility manager, days fly by while you struggle to find balance between budgeting, sustainability objectives and dealing with the latest crisis- leaving little time for sifting through vendors. Selecting a reliable vendor will not only save you time but money as well. Scheduling regular maintenance for your building’s flooring and textiles is the best way to keep them sanitary, looking like new, and lasting longer. Trusting your vendor to show up on time, and complete the task in a timely manner takes a huge chunk of worry of your plate. You also need to trust the vendors work, that they are providing the highest quality service with the proper materials. Spending your days worrying if your vendors’ technicians are actually doing their job or doing it correctly is a waste of time and money. Choose a commercial flooring service provider that is certified and has trained technicians. Knowing a company is certified ensures that the professionals will offer a higher level of service with superior technique.

A happy customer is a kept customer, they are the most important contributors to any business and that is why it is so important to hear their feedback. For any business, client feedback is vital to becoming successful. It can provide owners’ and marketers’ insight on how to improve their business, and give focus on what’s really important to the client. Looking into a vendor’s’ testimonials is a great way to see what their other clients think of them. If a commercial flooring service provider does not have positive testimonials, or any testimonials, odds are their service is not anything special or satisfactory. If other clients are not giving positive testimonials to the vendor it is best to save yourself the disappointment. Instead, look for a commercial flooring service provider that has plenty of positive feedback and testimonials. Those vendors are more than likely offering a positive experience that keeps their clients returning and giving referrals.

Working with an experienced company takes away the guessing game of how well of a job will they do. Knowing a company is experienced, ensures that the professionals will offer a higher level of service with superior technique. Certified, experienced professionals work at a higher proficiency and avoid making rookie mistakes that can cause irreversible damage to your flooring. It’s always best to hire companies who know what they are doing, and have the documentation and experience to prove it.

The Floor Care Company can meet all three of these necessary credentials. Since 1997, The Floor Care Company has provided the Front Range Community with top notch commercial flooring services. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service in a timely manner. Our technicians are well trained, professional, and show up ready to work. The flooring and textiles in your building are important. Your time and budget are important too. We here at The Floor Care Company value your needs as a facility manager and are here to help keep you on track and on budget. Call today and talk to our service providers about our training, planning, and process to decide if we are the right vendor for you.

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