Don’t be spooked by Franken-grout!

At some point in their careers, facility and building managers will inevitably be faced with the frightening prospect of a grout repair.   A technician is then dispatched to repair the missing or cracked grout.  As he prepares the repair he is faced with the color match.  The color that the grout was originally is not likely the current color, so the repair tech does his best to match the color that the grout is today, to make the repair less noticeable.  Maybe over a period of time there are several repairs, completed at varying levels of grout cleanliness creating multiple colors of patches.  When the floor is then deep cleaned the multiple colors of grout become painfully obvious and downright scary.  Our maintenance team has dubbed this phenomenon “frankengrout”.  

“Frankengrout” does not need to be an image nightmare.  The Floor Care Company can tint grout back to the original color or a better color.  Do not be “scaredy-cat”, contact us today for a free estimate!

Tile-Grout-Denver     Tile-Grout-Denver


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