End of Year Budgets: How to Upgrade Your Facility


Believe it or not, another year has come and gone. With 2017 coming to a swift end, it is time for facility managers to take a look over the end of the year budget. Whether you are planning a few facility changes or major overhauls, be sure to include flooring and maintenance upgrades in your plans.

Changing the look of a room or space in your building can invigorate a workforce and give new life to your business. Adding lighting or creating more storage and organization are quick ways to make a visual difference. Taking out a wall or two or even just opening up the middle of a room can really change the look and feel of a commercial space. All the same, our favorite way to change up the look and feel of a room is to change your flooring. If your office space is sporting  linoleum flooring, try switching to porcelain tile. Porcelain tile has become increasingly popular in more upscale looks of marble, stone, or wood. All the while keeping its economical, maintenance and durability advantages. Carpet tile continues to dominate the commercial flooring marketplace. Carpet tile offers considerable flexibility in design, and each tile is easily replaced when worn or stained. Most vendors offer a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and patterns, leaving designers free reign to choose a look that coordinates with your business.

Once you have chosen a new look for your buildings’ flooring, make sure your maintenance plan is up to date as well. When a business hires a floor and surface cleaning company to treat their floors, they should expect the that the technicians are trained, certified, and exceptionally skilled. Often times companies forgo certifications to save money, but this can cost you in the long run. Floor cleaning companies use bigger, more efficient tools that are more readily equipped to properly clean spots, spills, or even replace flooring when necessary. Often, those situations require specific tools that only trained professionals regularly utilize. Not only that, the flooring that is installed in commercial buildings feature specific elements, such as fiber construction and color, and are best handled by a team of professionals. Research by environmental groups has also shown that keeping flooring clean can help maintain  better air quality.

There is more than one good reason to take advantage of end of year budgets. Whether it be to upgrade the look and feel of your facility or hiring a seasoned professional carpet cleaning company’s services, The Floor Care Company values your needs as a facility manager and are here to help keep you on track and on budget for 2018.

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