Helping our Local Community High School


Many companies feel the need to invest in their community as a social responsibility, but it’s more so investing in your community in a powerful and local approach, putting your money to work in the service of your values. Here at The Floor Care Company, demonstrating our strong community values is at the center of our business. We take the time to understand the needs of our community and try to devote time and money to help out our fellow neighbors.

Englewood High School is a local public school providing education to approximately 1,000 students, grades 6th through 12th. One of Englewood High School’s current projects is creating a community garden on campus. One of the intentions of this community garden is to bring the classroom outside, to educate the youth about the concept of farm to table. The produce grown in the garden can be shared with families, local food banks, and the school’s kitchen. The garden is also open to community members. Once the garden is developed, community members will be able to rent individual plots.  The garden was originally set up by a local fundraising group, The Englewood Marketplace.

The Floor Care Company is excited to announce that we will be matching any donations made to this project up to $1,000. We understand the significance of community gardens. The Englewood High School community garden will not only provide fresh, nutritionally rich foods to young students but to the community as well.  

Investing in your community matters. Communities thrive when people are better connected, and we at The Floor Care Company are proud to help bridge the financial gap to achieving a community garden on the Englewood High School campus.

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