Indoor Environmental Quality: Why you need it

Indoor Enviromental Quality -Floor Care CompanyIn any work environment, indoor environmental quality should be a top priority to all facility managers. Fundamentally, indoor environmental quality refers to all things indoor like air quality, acoustics, lighting, and the overall feng shui of the space. Studies have found that buildings with a better indoor environmental quality improve their employees work ethic and the quality of work done. Not only does it increase the mental health of the work environment, but the physical as well. Most of the indoor environment quality benefits are directly linked to your flooring.

Regular maintenance on any flooring is of course needed to maintain a clean and healthy image in your building. However, some flooring  is superior to the rest in regards to air quality. Carpet tile has been found to trap and collect irritants and allergens within its fibers, keeping them out of the air and breathing zone. Carpet tile is also easily cleaned with regular vacuuming and the occasional deep clean. Investing in quality products, like high-end vacuums, is a good investment. When investing in commercial vacuums, it increases the quality and value of your cleaning, and decreases the odds you have to get your vacuum repaired on a regular basis.

Another important aspect of indoor environmental quality is sound. Work environments with elevated noise levels prove to increase stress and negatively impact employees productivity. Selecting a flooring like open-cell cushion-backed carpet, which can absorb over 50% more noise than other flooring options, will aid you in achieving a quieter, less stressful work environment.

Regular maintenance on flooring and maintaining a clean work space can both increase your building’s indoor environmental quality, but choosing the right flooring to match your work space needs can really take your indoor environmental quality to the next level.

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