Protecting Your High Traffic Flooring Areas


Choosing the best commercial flooring for your business can create the ideal space for your employees to be successful while also being appealing to the clients’ eye. Blending design and practicality can give your building a modern, clean look while also keeping maintenance to a minimum. Choosing the type of flooring that best suits your commercial space needs may just depend on the location. Something to always consider when choosing commercial flooring, make sure it can handle the foot traffic.

Commercial and industrial floors can take quite the beating. With ‘round-the-clock foot traffic, machinery and vehicle tread, environmental impact, and regular sanitization, flooring for these areas are subject to intense stressors. To reduce the risk of repair and replacement, engineering commercial flooring systems for high traffic areas requires addressing the different coating options, additional additives, and site preparation to ensure precision installation.

When it comes to coatings for concrete flooring there are two popular choices for high traffic areas: epoxy floor coatings and cementitious urethane coatings. Epoxy floor coatings are synonymous with durability, while cementitious urethane is known for its properties that withstand extreme temperature changes. Performance of these coatings relies on proper installation, and preparing the substrate for bondage is critical to the process. In order for coatings to adhere properly to concrete, there must be a mechanical bond and a chemical bond. A crucial first step for any contractor will be to gather information about the space. This will help to engineer a solution, and to determine the relative humidity of the concrete flooring and whether salt levels are elevated.

Additives, such as aluminum oxide that minimizes the impact of high abrasion, can be formulated into coatings for extra protection. Other considerations may include the level of slip-resistance needed, chemicals used in regular maintenance that could expedite erosion, or wetness protection that could require vapor mitigation prior to installation.

The most important step after choosing commercial flooring is to have it properly installed by professionals. This will ensure you get the most use out of your commercial flooring, no matter the type. The Floor Care Company’s certified trained technicians can help you achieve the right level of protection your commercial floor needs.

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