Spot Treatment Tips and Tools

Millicare-32389RProper carpet care can be a complicated part of commercial cleaning and facility management. Routine maintenance is the key to carpet appearance and longevity, with daily cleaning and spot treatment of smaller stains caused by day-to-day accidents, you can prevent the need to replace your carpet. Because let’s face it, despite your best efforts at cleanliness your carpet will eventually become victim to drops, spills, and accidents.

Providing your employees with spotting tools will help keep the small stains from accumulating and keep your carpets looking new. Having 100% cotton cleaning cloths on hand in your building is an easy and effective way to blot up wet spills before applying cleaner. Because these cloths are made of white cotton, they’re super absorbent and won’t leave a dye stain like some colored cloths can. A Whiz Groom is another efficient tool to keep on hand, it works by agitating your stain remover into the carpet so it can better reach and lift stains. The Whiz Groom also has a scraper on one edge to use on semi-solid spills such as ketchup, yogurt, or BBQ sauce.

Pairing these useful tools with an exceptional carpet spotter is the best bet to help keep those pesky stains off your carpet. However, with spring cleaning around the corner, we always recommend a full office cleanse to give your carpets a refreshed look and extend the life of your most valuable assets. No matter the size of your space or how big your business grows, we will take care of your carpet.

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