The Two Bucket System

2-bucketsMost of us have our set patterns and ideas of how to clean flooring and often do not realize the simple mistakes we are making that can counteract any of the cleaning we have done or even cause damage to our flooring. Fortunately, there are some simple changes we can make to our cleaning methods that will keep our flooring looking like new.

Mopping an unswept floor is a foolproof way to scratch and damage our floor, along with leaving behind clumps of dirt and fluffs of dust or hair. Using a soft bristle broom beforehand will better prepare our flooring to be deep cleaned with a disinfectant.

Switching to a two bucket mopping system is one of the easiest, most efficient ways to improve the cleanliness of our flooring. When using only a single bucket, dingy water and dirt particles are slopped onto the floor over and over again. Repeatedly cleaning with murky, dirty water will not get any floor clean, and can even cause damage. Over time, the dirty water can migrate into the pores, seams, and texture of (delete your) installed flooring. Eventually that dirt can cause pressure that will push apart seams creating a haven for germs, bacteria and mold. Instead, use one bucket to rinse the mop and the second for detergent, which should always stay clear if the mop is dipped into the first bucket with each rinse.

Mop heads are also an important factor in proper cleaning. Always be sure to change and wash your mop head routinely after each use. For best cleaning results, pair a two-sided bucket with a microfiber mop. Microfiber has a greater ability to absorb water and hold onto dirt while mopping, while also being easier to get clean when washing after use.

When these simple changes are made to our routine, (delete your) flooring will last longer and look like new year after year.

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