Three Tips for Keeping Your Upholstery Looking Great Year Round


Upholstery is often overlooked when planning to clean the office space, even though your flooring may cover more square footage, your leather or fabric furnishings, and panels require just as many cleanings. Dirt, dust, and other pollutants that collect in the fabric and crevices of your furniture can compromise air quality as well as leaving it looking soiled and stained. With Old Man Winter making his appearance soon, keeping your upholstery clean and looking like new should be on the top of your to-do list. Here are three tips to use this winter to help protect one of your most costly and necessary investments.

  1. Vacuum Your Upholstery

Vacuuming removes the dust, dirt and other yucky stuff that gets on the upholstery. Using a good Hepa Filter Vacuum with a crevice tool to get into the hard to reach places ensures your upholstery stays fresher and looking good over a longer period of time. Frequent vacuuming also helps remove allergens and bacteria that love to settle into your furniture and upholstery, which can can actually reduce sick days.

  1. Handle Spills ASAP

Spots on Upholstery come out best when treated right away- before it sets in and possibly creates a stain. The best way to clean up a spill is to blot the spot while it’s fresh, using a white terry cloth towel or a white paper towel. Never use a colored towel as the color on the towel can transfer onto the fabric being cleaned.

  1. Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings by a certified company is a very important step in maintaining the life of your upholstery. Just like anything in life, keeping things looking nice means taking time and effort to keep it maintained. A good deep cleaning consisting of an atomized mixture of air and cleaning solution is injected into the fabric, where the mixture will create tiny droplets. Those tiny droplets of air and cleaning solution acts as a scrubber, cleaning the individual fibers.  The solution is then removed with a high powered vacuum, simultaneously with any dirt, allergens, and stains that were on the fabric.

Providing your employees with a cleaner work environment can help stop the spread of illness such as colds and the flu. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned won’t just improve the visible quality, but will also sanitize and deodorize to help reduce allergens and bacteria. Keep your upholstery and panels’ fresh look, while creating a healthier work environment by scheduling an upholstery cleaning with The Floor Care Company today!

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