What our Customers are Saying

The success and prosperity of your business is greatly determined by the level of trust that people have with your products and services. Customer feedback influences your consumers’ purchasing decisions greatly. Testimonials and reviews reflect the trust your customers have for your brand, as well as the overall credibility of your business. For any business, client feedback is vital to becoming successful. It can provide owners’ and marketers’ insight on how to improve their business, and give focus on what’s really important to the client.

Here’s what our customers had to say about their recent experiences 

Austin, who works in the hospitality field said:

“Luis has been the lead tech for every cleaning I’ve been part of and he’s an exceptional young man.  I can’t say enough nice things, he’s great!  In addition, all of the techs we’ve been serviced with display professionalism and hard work, it’s much appreciated.   As for the alternate treatments, we’ll defer to you and your professional team to make that assessment.  Your company certainly delivers a high level of service, that principle is reflected in your recommendations.  Thank you for adding the new product to our scope, we’re grateful for your wonderful service!!!  Thank you.”

Jim, a healthcare manufacturer said about his Dr Schutz High Performance Coating Installation:

“The floor looks great, an excellent job. Please congratulate and Thank Ryan and crew for a job very well done.”

Steve from a Telecommunications office said:

“The floors look better and the gentleman last night was professional, worked hard and was faster than the 2 man crews we’ve had. I was impressed with his work. Way to go!”

A happy customer is a kept customer, they are the most important contributors to any business and that is why it is so important to hear their feedback. Here at The Floor Care Company we value our customers feedback, and use it constructively to actively improve every client’s experience.

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