Why You Need to Implement A Green Clean System


As a facility manager, looking for better ways to improve the workplace and systems used within is a constant on the “to-do list”. Implementing a green cleaning systems should be a top priority for all facility managers and for several reasons. Embracing more environmentally-friendly practices within your organization is not as hard as you think. In fact, making small changes, like maintenance initiatives and choice of commercial flooring within your organization can make all the difference in your efforts to go green. Here are a couple of ways your company can easily implement a green cleaning system.

First, assessing your current system and knowing where you are will make it easier to plan how to get where you want to get. Look into things like products being used, cleaning methods, and even where your materials come from.

The process of maintenance itself matters greatly. Water-based cleaning systems require the use of a large amount of water, not only leaving harmful residues and moisture in your carpet, but also increasing your water and energy bills. Instead, switch to a more green low-moisture cleaning system. This advanced low-moisture cleaning technology thoroughly cleans and preserves your carpet, and dramatically extends the useful life of your floor covering investment all while using 99.5% less water than traditional steaming method. Hot water extraction methods use 319% more energy to clean the same square footage as low-moisture encapsulation systems. Simply by switching to our carpet cleaning systems for commercial carpet and facilities maintenance, you can reduce the amount of electricity used to maintain your carpet by 85%.

Another long term way to help your building be more green is choosing a more eco-friendly flooring option. There are more than a few options available on the market today including bamboo, concrete, cork, hardwood, linoleum, rubber and wool. By choosing an eco-friendly flooring option, your building immediately displays more care for the environment and in return can gain a more marketable advantage. Adopting eco-friendly products within your organization is a major building block to the path of sustainability.

Another easy step in implementing a green cleaning system is just by keeping your flooring clean and odor-free. The more we spend indoors, the more indoor air quality decreases and can become more polluted than the outdoor air, leading to health risks. By making regular floor maintenance a priority in your building you can decrease bacteria, improve indoor air quality and increase the sustainability of resources. Regular maintenance also increases the lifespan of your flooring, saving time, money, and resources day-by-day.

Companies who actively incorporate green changes within their facility have seen major positive impacts, not only do they contribute to the health of the environment but they are also able to express their care for the earth, which customers respond positively to. If you are interested in learning more, call the professionals at The Floor Care Company today and see how your building can implement a green cleaning system.

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