Why Your Business Needs Entrance Systems and Matting

Entrance Systems and Matting: 3 reasons your business needs them

Floor Care Company Denver - Matting SystemsFrom retailers to cooperate office buildings, entryways are large and well suited to handle heavy foot traffic. But can your entrance handle the damaging materials that can be carried through from all your customers, clients, visitors and guests? Here are our top three reasons you should have an entry mat installed today.

  1. Slip Resistant. Large rubber doormats are incredibly durable and resilient to harsh, abrasive conditions. A mat will help keep those conditions contained, leaving the rest of your flooring safe and dry. This can be particularly important in areas that see a lot of rain or snowfall. Slips and falls can be seriously dangerous, installing an entrance mat is an easy and cost effective way to give yourself peace of mind during the wet seasons.
  1. Protect Interior Flooring. One of a company’s most valuable investments is their flooring. Dirt, rocks and other harsh materials can be tracked in and leave scratches, scuff marks and staining on your interior flooring. A large entry mat is made to help remove dirt and moisture from underfoot, and in return protect the building interior.
  1. Easy Maintenance. Most entry systems are fairly easy to clean, usually a quick run over with a vacuum or some cases a spray down with a hose does the trick. Even though mats are easily cleaned, they will be doing all the hard work for you. Dust and moisture can be contained at the entrance, this allows most of the cleaning to be done in one convenient location.

Making your building entrance a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment is as simple as having an entrance system installed.

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