Why Your Commercial Cleaning Needs to be On-going

commercial-flooringAny good maintenance plan acts as a shield, protecting your floors and other surfaces from soil, debris and damage. We all know by now that regular maintenance on your flooring is the best way to keep it looking fresh and new, while also prolonging its lifespan. Daily vacuuming, spot treatment, entry mats, and regularly scheduled deep cleanings are all included in your average maintenance plans. However, some business owners and facility managers have opted out of a maintenance plan and instead hire companies for single instance cleanings.

Whether it is with the notion to save money or for a special occasion, single instance cleanings can actually cost you more in the long run and deliver a less than satisfactory result. The Carpet and Rug Institute found that a routine maintenance plan will improve the lifespan of your flooring, boost indoor environmental quality, and maintain your floorings appearance at less cost.

Interim maintenance is another option. This is the cleaning that takes place in between regular vacuuming and deep cleanings. Its main focus is to remove soil that is damaging to your flooring’s fibers, and improving the overall appearance of your surfaces. Interim maintenance is less intensive than a full deep cleaning, it requires much less labor and is much more conducive in a working environment. It is essentially a surface cleaning that is meant to remove dirt and soil that your standard vacuum can not handle. Interim maintenance is especially suggested for high foot traffic areas where your flooring sees the most damage. An interim maintenance cleaning will refresh your carpet fibers and make them stand upright again, bringing life back to your floors. The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests arranging a quarterly maintenance system for your flooring. Every year, three of the quarters should include an interim maintenance cleaning, with the fourth quarter designated to a deep cleaning. Reducing deep cleanings to once per year with regular interim maintenance treatments, you can maintain your carpet appearance at less cost while extending the life of your carpet.

Commercial facilities, schools, hospitals and other facilities with high foot traffic would benefit greatly from integrating interim cleaning into their maintenance plan to improve the health and overall appearance of their flooring. Call The Floor Care Company today to add interim maintenance cleaning to your maintenance plan and skip out on the single occasion cleanings.

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